Sheboygan Early Bird Rotary Lobster Boil

Fountain Park, Sheboygan

Friday, July 21, 2017

A quick thank you to everyone who attended the 2017 Sheboygan Early Birds Lobster Boil! Thanks to all of our Donors and Sponsors, without which this event would not be possible. This years's Lobster Boil was a resounding success, with the temperamental weather remaining calm for the most part.
Your contributions will help the Early Bird Rotary continue our commitment to enhancing education opportunities in Sheboygan County - through our pledge to donate $50,000 to the Red Raider Manufacturing Project by 2020, and Technical School scholarships ($17,000 across 6 scholarships this year, and $70,000 across 36 scholarships over the last ten years).
We want to share all the wonderful experiences had at the Lobster Boil this year, so check back soon here and on our Facebook page for pictures of the event.